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Cristin Richard seizes her own fantasies and contradictions to bring the conscious sense to the viewer, pushing them to use their own intuition.  With “Leftovers”, she draws a metaphor of the ironic question about seduction between man and woman.

The word seduction stems from the Latin word “Sèducere”, which means to obtain favors from another. Rituals of seduction are universal, as are found in the world of plant, animal and human.  It must first attract the attention of the one it wants to conquer, the main goal is to take the emotional control and ensure a source of pleasure. In all species, it is the female who is the subject of seduction and the male who is the object.  For that women will enhance their physical charms to attract attention.  Women provoke, and men parade.  Then the dangerous game of attraction is engaged, the heady vortex, this struggle, this power dynamic, which only a part will be the winner.

“LEFTOVERS” will be displayed hanging from a string, spinning slowly as the carcass of an animal, a booty, the hunter’s trophy, who manages to build trust with his prey, then to dispose of her as he wishes …

The works of Cristin Richard oscillate between fragility and violence, between beauty and repulsion, between opacity and transparency and also between strength and lightness.  It explores our relationship to the body, relative to the most intimate fragments of the mind.

 Kenza Amrouk

Detroit Design Festival
Installation view at Frontera
Hog intestine, pigment, acrylic
Leftovers | 2012 | Detroit Design Festival