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Cristin Richard has chosen to present her new project, ‘Metabolism’, through an interdisciplinary approach which combines film, sound, installa­tion and performance. The artist proposes an in situ exhibition, in perfect harmony with the architecture it is housed within: The Historical Detroit Savings Bank magnificently built in 1927. At this moment, Cristin’s research and analysis on the human body brought her to explore the notion of time and its interdependence with the body and space. Which better than this particularly sound structure, for an odyssey in “space-time”.

Time, closely related to the sense of our existence, escapes any defini­tion. All attempts to define it includes a term that means time itself: “according to the order of becoming before and after” … “marked time by the succession of events (1.). If we try to express the main character of time, we will revert to talking about the notion of irreversibility, the act of falling in the past is impossible to correct, and in regret we face a shadow, an impregnable one of nothingness. The irreversible order of time is felt according to three dimensions: past, present and future. It is in the present that these three movements of conscience get material­ized: focus on the current existence, go back/return in thought to what was and no longer exists, and a perspective towards what will occur. But the present could be at its tum, lived and understood in various ways. Any fragment of becoming has a beginning already spent, and also not yet completed … It is in this context that Cristin wanted this exhibition designed, to allow the viewer to think of time from the pres­ent sense. The intuitions and the schematics imposed by our conscious­ness will be shaken, and our own subjective sensitivity to each is destabi­lized.  [read more..]

1. Nietzsche, Ainsi parlait Zarathoustra, Ed. Gallimard, 1947.

-Kenza Amrouk


Metabolism (2015) presented at The Historic Detroit Savings Bank. Performance in tandem with film.
Metabolism presented at The Historic Detroit Savings Bank.  Performance in tandem with film.


Metabolism Study.
Metabolism Study. (2015)


Collaborative works of Simone Else and Cristin Richard presented at Metabolism, within the vault of The Historic Detroit Savings Bank.